Save Money. Improve Quality. 100% Traceability.

Hello, We're Piper.
Pioneering Milk Collection
for Every Precious Drop.

Piper uses advanced Automation and Data Technology to improve milk collection, loading, and sampling. Our systems are built to deliver value on-tanker, on the farm, and all along the Dairy Value Chain.

Trusted by Haulers, Co-Ops and Producers Globally.

Reasons to choose PIPER

Piper has been working in the Dairy industry for more than 25 years making systems for metering and sampling milk all around the world.

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Simple Powerful Data, available on all devices

Milk Pickup Data is recorded instantly and that data can be viewed on any device.


FDA Accepted

Piper is the only system to be fully PMO approved. See MI- 20-14 (DynaStream) for details.


Truly Representative Sampling

Piper's Flow Governed sampling makes sure that you sample Every Precious Drop.


2-3 Hours Saved Each Day

Time is money.

Piper customers save 2-3 hours on average per trip.


100% Traceability Farm to Plant

Complete traceability of Every Precious Drop all the way from Farm to Plant.


Unrivalled Accuracy

Ours is the only system to be fully approved by NTEP as a legal for payment device..

Engineered to improve Quality and Traceability all along the Value Chain.

Built for Producers, Haulers & Co-ops.

Trusted by Haulers, Co-Ops and Producers Globally.

Our Customers

Piper is proud to work with some of the great Dairy Companies & Co-Ops around the world

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What Our Customers Say

Piper solves the problem of downtime for drivers. They can back into the farm, hook the hose up, start pumping. It pumps faster, they get out quicker - No Waiting! And they don’t have to get on top of the trailer.
Jonathan Eriksen
GTI, Milk Hauler
The Piper System allows us to directly load our milk onto the trailer to be taken to the co-op. We don’t have on-farm storage here for our milk.

Steve Kayhart
Milk Producer, VT
The system allows us to log on remotely and see what is happening on the farm. It gives us greater capability to quickly identify issues, which improves our operational efficiency.

Brent Bruce
Processor – DFA / Dean