Piper Systems AccuStream in Wisconsin with Paul Slevin 7

Kansas and Wisconsin: Official Launch of the DFA AccuStream program

The trip to the Dairy Farmers of America (DFA) headquarters in Kansas City was a memorable one. It’s clear for anyone to see, the passion there is for the dairy industry and we were thrilled to be able to showcase the Piper AccuStream system to DFA members and staff in beautiful Kansas City and Wisconsin. Working with DFA, which is the largest dairy cooperative in the U.S., on the roll-out of our ‘on-farm’ milk-metering system will empower producers by giving them unrivalled accuracy, traceability and sampling data from their herd. Which is the core mission for Piper, to provide value across the entire dairy supply chain. 

The Centre of Dairy Innovation. 

Kansas and Wisconsin are both respected worldwide for their dairy farms and cheese factories, and it was great to visit some of these producers during our trip to Golden E Farms. We can’t say enough and the hospitality and insight we gained from meeting with these hard-working farmers and witnessing their commitment to providing quality products to consumers.

The dairy industry has a long history in America and plays a vital role in supporting local communities and providing a source of income for thousands of hard-working Americans. The visit to the DFA headquarters was a testament to this, highlighting the importance of supporting and promoting the dairy industry and its dedicated individuals. The dairy industry is not just about producing milk and dairy products, but also about the families, communities, and hard-working Americans that make it possible. We’re very excited about the next 12 months and know that by working in partnerships with producers across America we can improve the quality and standards of milk production for generations to come.


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