Holly Miller Joins Piper Systems

Holly Miller Joins the PIPER Team as Farm Liaison officer

Piper Systems, a leading dairy technology company, is pleased to announce the appointment of Holly Miller as the Farm Liaison Officer for the Southeast region of the United States.

Holly brings a wealth of experience to the role, having been a key manager and integral part of the incredible Southern Cross Dairy Farm, in Florida which is well-renowned as an example of cutting-edge dairy practice. Holly has a deep understanding of the challenges facing dairy farmers on a daily basis in the Southeast and is well-positioned to help Piper Systems continue to provide cutting-edge technology and support to its customers in the region. Holly’s role will involve helping to promote modern farming methods and showcase how producers are introducing new technologies to their milk collection process.

“We are thrilled to welcome Holly to the Piper Systems team,” said Leigh Hamilton, CEO of Piper Systems.

“Her experience and passion for the dairy industry make her an invaluable asset to our company and our customers. We have no doubt that she will be a valuable resource for farmers in the Southeast and help drive the continued growth and success of Piper Systems.”

“It’s great to see Piper adding to their team to continue to deliver incredible support and service to Dairy Farmers in the Southeast region,”

Karen Hawkins, Director of Member Services

Dairy Farmers of America. “Holly knows first-hand the challenges facing Dairy Producers today and having her on the team will be an accelerator for efficiency, traceability and milk quality all over the Southeast.”

This is the second hire in as many months for Piper as they continue their journey to scale by expanding and engaging with ever more dairy producers and Co-Operatives across the US.

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