Piper Systems DynaStream On Tanker Metering

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Deliver 100% traceability on every drop.

Efficiently and consistently every time.

The Piper DynaStream system collects and measures milk onto a tanker from the farm tank. Drivers can pick up milk quickly and quietly from large or small farms. The DynaStream system guarantees that correct procedure is followed every time. The simple-to-use touchscreen is intuitive making it easy to train drivers to use. The DynaStream is built with top-quality components to ensure long term reliability. We make sure every drop collected is perfectly hygienic. The DynaStream tanker metering system can operate at exceptionally high speeds (up to 3000 litres / 800 gallons per minute) where conditions permit.

Your collection information is transferred to the Piper Every Drop Portal using 3G technology, eliminating paperwork. There is no software to download or support and you can see your data in real time. You can be assured that Piper will deliver full traceability on every drop. Use with the Piper VariStream Sampler to obtain perfectly representative farm and load samples and 100% traceability via barcode or RFID.

Save 10 minutes per collection
100% Traceability with Piper Every Drop Portal
Eliminate Paperwork + Immediate access to data
Includes Piper VariStream
Pumping Speed of up to 3000 litres / 800 gallons per minute
100% Driver Compliance

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Case Study: Stoitse

Stoitse is Australia’s largest dairy food and consumer and industrial chemicals transport carrier.

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