Piper Dynastream

Efficient tanker metering, sampling & traceability.

Increasing Efficiency at Every Point of the Journey. Using Piper DynaStream, you can make your milk pickups faster, more accurate, and safer, bringing you savings over every precious drop.

DynaStream tackles the main issues affecting milk producers today

Time is money.

1. Time Efficiency

Time Savings of 2-3 hours per route using Piper DynaStream
Piper conducted extensive FDA mandated studies to secure US approvals for our metering and sampling technologies, demonstrating excellent performance across the range of tests.

Our Solution | Better automation, less idle time.

Using the Piper DynaStream eliminates time-consuming delays. The business case is simple. Your driver saves time on every pickup, allowing many more pickups per day. Faster pickups mean better use of your resources, and real savings.

Precision flow meter means unrivalled accuracy

2. Milk Weight Accuracy

Accuracy of Milk Weights and Temperatures within 0 - 0.2% with an improvement in weight variances by a factor of 2-3.

Our Solution | Precision flow metering

We accurately measure milk weights and temperatures during loading, using a precision flow meter. We record this data electronically, taking paperwork and human error out of the picture. The Piper DynaStream has a demonstrated ability to reliability provide weight accuracy within +/- 0.2 time after time. This provides an improvement in weight variance at the plant by a factor of between 2 and 3 when compared with a Typical Driver.

Piper provide unrivalled sampling technology

3. Unreliable Sampling

Automated Representative Sampling with proven accuracy, that cuts out 50% of time spent on farm.

Our Solution | VariStream Sampler take samples throughout the load

The Piper variable speed technology sampler “VariStream” takes a representative sample over the entire load. This automated sampler brings significant efficiency, quality and reliability to the sampling process. No more waiting around for tanks to finish agitating and settle. And every single sample is identified and traceable back to source. In tests our variable speed technology has even shown the ability to take representative samples from stratified milk. This ensures accurate sampling for fair payment.

From Farm to plant

4. Traceability Procedures

Losing a document or simple human error can result in a breakdown in the traceability record. Without a repeatable, consistent traceability procedure haulers could be left fines or health and safety issues. Piper elimnates this risk with a fully digital, fully automated recordin system, stored securily in the cloud. Every Pickup, Every Load, Every Sample, Recorded.

Our Solution | 100% traceability at all times

Today, traceability is more important than ever. Piper DynaStream automatically creates an electronic record of every pickup, stop, delivery and CIP. This means no paperwork for drivers, no human error, and easy monitoring and traceback. Piper offers legal paper manifests if required, but can also integrate with inventory and farmer payment systems to allow paperless traceability all along the value chain giving you visibility of product and real time data from Farm to Plant.

Protect Every Precious Drop

5. Unsupported technology

We provide full training and installation through our dedicated US team. We have local distribution centers based in dairy focused states and our engineers have local parts and services availabel to keep your haulers on the road.

Our Solution | One-to-one training and local distribution centres

Working with and supporting our US installation team, Piper engineers will conduct a step-by-step installation and rigorous commissioning program. We also have a US-based parts center, as well as distribution hubs in Ireland, the UK, Australia, and New Zealand. We will test data transfer, metering, and representative sampling to ensure that your system provides great quality results from the outset. We will work alongside your computer people to ensure you get the data you need, where and when you need it.

Piper Systems 3

Case Study:

  • NY On-Tanker Hauler
  • Milk production of 5,400,000 lbs/month.
  • Moved to Dynastream. Saving 2-3 hours per day on load time.
  • Safer loading process. No need to climb on the trailer
  • Easier control system with touchscreen panel and onscreen information
  • Bottom line: Hauler Saves $8,000 per week in Collective labor hours.

Case Study -



“The biggest issue Piper solves for us is the downtime of the driver. Coming into the farm we no longer have to wait for the milk to agitate or to measure. He just backs in hooks up our hose and our driver can leave. It pumps faster, and our driver never has to get on top of the trailer.”

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What The Haulers & Co-ops Say

“The nice thing about the implementation of the Piper system is that Drivers can come in, get in get out and have extra time in their day to do whatever they would like… like go Mountain Biking!”
Jonathan Eriksen
GTI, Milk Hauler
"This is a game-changer for the quality of milk samples being collected at dairy farms."
Barb Koeltzow
Dairy Program Manager At Michigan Department Of Agriculture & Rural Development
"The system allows us to log on remotely and see what is happening on the farm. It gives us greater capability to quickly identify issues, which improves our operational efficiency."
Brent Bruce
Processor – DFA / Dean