Piper Systems AccuStream Direct Loading

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For large dairy farms, The Piper Direct Tanker

Loading System offers the best alternative to

the conventional on-farm bulk tank.

Rapid cooling and instant loading ensures quality in every drop. Together with Piper VariStream, the system meters the milk and uses the flow rate to take a perfectly representative sample. The sample is scanned with barcode or RFID to give absolute traceability to all parties. It also involves less product pumping than traditional Bulk Milk Tank Storage, so your milk quality and butter fat are protected.

Data from the Piper AccuStream is instantly available via the Piper Every Drop Portal on your phone, laptop or tablet without downloading or installing new software. Piper tracks every drop for absolute traceability. Farmer, hauler and processor can use the portal information to improve collection, logistics and procurement; reducing product pumping and capital expenditure.

Works with QualiTru 3A approved aseptic sampling
Instant access to data via Piper Every Drop Portal
No need to print. Reduce paperwork by 100%
Perfectly representative samples 100% of the time
Eliminate health & safety hazards

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