Piper Today & Tomorrow

Because Piper is dedicated to every precious drop we invest in the future of milk collection technology. We don’t see milk collection as a tiny part of a bigger picture. For us, it’s our whole world.

Piper products are different. We use precision micro-machining, laser and water-cutting, modern plastics and stainless steel.We use computer controlled design, milling and grinding. Piper was the first to offer GPS, GSM and the 4-way valve (a Piper patent), and now touchscreen technology. Piper was first to put working hybrid and electric drive milk collection systems on the road.

We are the only ones who go in-depth into your operational needs to find out exactly which technology would suit you best. The upshot of it all? A system that is ten years ahead of other milk collection systems. And because we’re not done inventing yet, we intend to stay that far ahead.

We’re a Family Business. For us, Family means we treat our staff fairly and give a share our profits to our team. Business means treating customers, suppliers and staff with loyalty, respect and transparency.

In our world every precious drop matters, which is why our vision for the future is one of sustainability through innovation.