Piper Systems VariStream Automatic Sampler

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Your milk sample is the key to knowing the component

makeup and quality of your product, and to capturing

the value of every precious drop.

Your milk sample is important: It has to accurately track every single drop, so you can capture the real value of your milk. It also needs to be absolutely traceable, so that where a sample raises a flag, the load sampled can be tracked with total certainty to prevent contamination of the food chain. Meet the Piper VariStream Sampler. We have solved the problem of sampling pulses from a stratified load which leads to large inaccuracies between sample and reality. Piper milk samples are taken at variable speed throughout the transfer, allowing for a truly representative sample of every precious drop.

Proven to equal the accuracy of a correctly obtained manual sample, The Piper Varistream Sampler automates the process to minimise agitation delay and remove human error while eliminating any hygiene or health and safety risks of manual sampling. Crucially, the Piper VariStream Sampler works with QualiTru™ 3A approved aseptic sampling consumables, ensuring a compliant and hygienic sample. Samples are immediately Barcoded or identified by RFID so they carry a complete and traceable history with them, from farm to plant with absolutely no paperwork.

Works with QualiTru 3A approved aseptic sampling
Instant access to data via Piper Every Drop Portal
No need to print. Reduce paperwork by 100%
Perfectly representative samples 100% of the time
Eliminate health & safety hazards

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