A warm welcome to the Piper homepage for NCIMS members.

Thank you for accessing this background information pack for Piper Systems’ proposal to the NCIMS conference 2019.

Contained within this pack is the following:

1. Piper Proposal Form NCIMS 2019
2. US Milk Pickup Video using Piper DynaStream
3. Piper DynaStream System Overview
4. Piper DynaStream Standard Operating Procedure [S.O.P.]
5. US Studies Summary

a. Results Study 1 (Components and Sanitary Milk Tests)
b. Results Studies 1 & 2 (Farm and Load weight comparisons)
c. Results Study 1 (SCC Combined)
d. Results Study 3 (Bacteria Growth Analysis <25)
e. Results Study 4 (Milk / Water)

6. Piper International Field Data
7. Piper DynaStream Technical Drawings

We thank you sincerely for your interest in our proposal. If you have any questions or require further information please contact our CEO Leigh Hamilton at leigh@pipersystems.com.

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